Our Philosophy

Real, lasting success is a direct result of an individual’s ability to integrate both intelligence and intuition.

Many high-level professionals have few technical gaps – oftentimes a reflection of their intelligence. However, these same professionals (at all levels within organizations) often experience gaps in the less natural aspects of their work – gaps in awareness of self, others and the way they make decisions. Many coaching methodologies fail to address these gaps, focusing solely on the intellect as a source of ideas and solutions. We believe this is a fatal flaw and while that approach can create results, our experience as coaches suggests that results achieved under that model are often not sustainable.

Our coaches are committed to supporting clients to succeed in previously untapped ways. We tailor each coaching program specific to the needs and readiness of each individual client through a balanced focus on:

Bullet INTELLIGENCE: understanding your knowledge, skills, and professional experience.

Bullet INTUITION: exploring the things you know from feelings rather than conscious reasoning
(your sources of motivation, things that make you happy, content, gratified).

INTEGRATION: bringing together your intelligence and intuition, identifying ways to leverage all facets of you.