About Lisa Carpenter

Lisa Carpenter is a trained coach, mediator and facilitator with 17 years experience managing and supporting consulting projects in large and small organizations.

She uses her exceptionally strong interpersonal, mediation and facilitation skills, coupled with straight-talk and proven coaching tools.

Lisa’s ability to simultaneously identify and value the tensions among competing demands and multiple goals allows her to create breakthroughs with her clients — moving them past business as usual, to a more powerful, creative life.

Lisa empowers and supports her clients in establishing clarity around what they want to create and identifying specific actions that will produce the desired results. She places an emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability with her clients, using a combination of facilitative and ontological coaching tools. She is both direct and compassionate while supporting her clients in their commitments and their transformation.

Prior to becoming a coach, Lisa’s professional experience included nearly 20 years in the engineering industry managing and supporting the identification and planning of infrastructure development projects for one of the nation’s leading engineering firms.

In addition to her extensive project management experience, Lisa is also a certified mediator and facilitator. She has exceptional interpersonal skills, and an ability to coach clients of very diverse backgrounds and styles to accomplish their goals.

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